Monday, June 12, 2006

Strategic Equity Conference Sets New Standards for Value

Steven Marshall Takes Mortgage Planning and the Seminar Experience to New Heights

I'm coming back from the Strategic Equity Summit in Las Vegas, hosted by Steven Marshall's Strategic Equity Group. A week of blog posts wouldn't be enough to lay out even a remote sense of the experience. Over the top, sensational, supreme, high value, extreme execution. Yikes, I was impressed beyond the level I normally can be moved out of my cynical nature.

The Strategic Equity Summit was 1800 mortgage professionals receiving education, training and motivation to avoid the commodity trap in their mortgage practice by delivering higher levels of value and customer experience. Mortgage Planning, for those curious, is about integrating a client's mortgage into their overall financial an life plan. And Strategic Equity is about enabling the mortgage planner to optimize that integration through best practices, sound strategies, and unique insights that are well outside the mainstream of even most mortgage professional's thinking.

The conference brought together the best minds in the industry, including Todd Duncan, Dave Savage, Barry Habib, Daniel Harkavy, Jim McMahon, Sue Woodard, Ron Quintero, Jim McQuaig, Tom Bass, John Bell, and the father of Missed Fortune, Douglas Andrew. Every speaker was incredible and the theme of the conference was tightly integrated into a cohesive message unusual for these types of events. Interwoven with the speakers was a planning process that Steven Marshall walked the group through starting with ideas/brainstorming and ending with implementation. In-between, mini-workshops about problem solving and increasing delivered value to derive increased income were also presented by Steven. Steven's not an over the top type of guy a la hype and enthusiasm. But this truly was Steven's element. A sincere joy emanated from Steven as he delivered over the top value with style, flair, and creativity. From chocolate dollars on the seats after a break, to money falling from the ceiling, to free CD's and the chance to win a Harley Davidson, it was quality content mixed with wow and fun.

Next year, the keynote speaker will be revealed in the next several months, but I've heard this speaker alone could sell out the venue, and the rest of the line-up includes Tim Braheem of Loan Toolbox, as well as well known authors Sandy Botkin, and Ric Edelman.

While this blog isn't about endorsements or mortgage strategy, I feel it is important that the value and mindset behind Strategic Equity are given visibility as I believe they are critical for the mortgage industry. I uniquely give the Strategic Equity Summit my full endorsement.

Time to sign up for next year.


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