Thursday, May 11, 2006

LoanCommander... CRM/Loan Status and Tracking

Another interesting tool where the 80% is pretty tempting given the price

At only $15/mos (single user) and $50/mos (unlimited users), this is quite a value.

What I really am amazed at is the ability to create a loan status system where your client AND partners have access to the status of a loan in an online portal. Additionally, you can proactively email status reports. This is a unique feature set that isn't even included in the most expensive of CRM tools.

I'm bummed by the lack of online help or user guide and the interface needs some work, but, this is a great tool that, for pipeline management and customer status alone is worth considering. If you use a white board and/or outlook to monitor your transactions, this might be your way to go to the web.

2006 is the mortgage industry's year for CRM. Focused tools like this are sure to put pricing pressure on the larger, more complete systems.


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